Apparently, posting a comment on Facebook with full name and complete profile is an act of cowardice. This is what my college academic director told our class today.

I posted my complaint about the college on the college Facebook page (no presenter arriving to class and no notification). That was last Wednesday and they responded promptly. Valid reason, so I thanked them and think nothing of it. Until today.

Before class starts today, this weird-looking, rotund man came in, stood at the podium and smiled at us until we quieted down. Then he went on to say that we students should not be cowards and post our grievances on the social media. He asked, and I quote, “when you are married and you quarreled with your husband/ wife, you also posted on FB meh?” What?! Is there any similarity with us posting complaints about the college on FB?

My goodness, that guy is really an imbecile! He is either a dinosaur who cannot understand that Facebook is a platform for two-way communication or he is an authoritarian who cannot accept ‘challenges’ to his views on a particular point.