Oh my gosh, I have never been so tired in my whole life! I have sore feet, aching head and back and a very tight neck. Whoever know that working with parents and children are so damn tiring?

I start work today at an indoor playground that caters to children up to 16 years old. Suffice to say that it is for the middle-upper class. The parents are mainly okay, although we do get some snobs and some cheap excuses for a parent. And children will always be children.

But now, I know why is it some people hate the rich and the powerful. Today, two family hosted birthday parties in the complex where I work and we were required to serve the kids and their parents. As it isn’t cheap to host a party here, it goes on to say that the guests are possibly of the same income level as the hosts. What I find is: the richer the kid is, the more obnoxious the kid is, the more I want to slap him/her.

Take for example, you have finished your water and you want some more. You flag down your server and asked him/ her politely for a refill. Not these kids (And yes, they are old enough to know the difference). One kid just imperiously signaled to me with his empty cup. For heaven’s sake, he is eight! And I am a whole ten years older than he. I can’t understand why he is so comfortable being so snobby.

In my experience, whenever we go out and someone older than me serves me (no matter if they are the waiter/waitress), I feel very uncomfortable as though I am being rude to my elders. But these kids! They have no such feelings; they don’t even have good manners!

Tomorrow, I have to face them again. Good luck to me.