I wonder is anybody still reading this blog? I haven’t actually been very productive in posting. My posts come in bursts and spurts and it doesn’t seems to want to change soon. So, for the benefit of anybody still reading this blog, I think a brief overview of my life this past fortnight may prove an interesting read.

Firstly, I finally got my A-levels results and it is very good if I may say so myself. For Law, I got an A*, same for Business Studies whereas I scraped a B for English Literature. Not bad. In fact, my tuition fees for my degree is cut by half. Hooray! Anyway, to cut a (very) long story short, I am about to embark on my law degree. I won’t be going anywhere, just do the external programme in the country. Tight finances can be a bitch. Most of my friends are doing 2 + 1, that is 2 years in the country, 1 year in UK. Apparently, it is also easier as their assessment will be partly project-based. Damn!

Secondly, house-painting project is finally coming to an end. Thank goodness! I am sick and tired of paint already. But then, there is still a lot to do, such as arranging the furniture and cleaning up the mess. I estimate at least three more days of work. Sigh…

Thirdly, I found another part time job. Again, it involves kids. I am starting work next Sunday. Hopefully not too difficult.

Okay, today is just until here.