What brought on this post, one might ask, as it is not a very interesting topic. I was prattling away in the car to my sister as I drive when I suddenly remember comments made about my talkativeness or lack of by my friends and teachers.

To make things clear, I am usually very quiet at school and work. I don’t want to disturb my concentration and I certainly hates it when people are talking when the teacher is giving out a lecture. Darn rude, the lot of them! At home, I do not actually study all the time, yet I still get decent grades. I attribute that to my attentiveness in class.

That said, one might expect me to be more livelier when there is a break. Unfortunately, I am usually hard-pressed to digest what have just been said in the previous lecture and to ask about anything I do not comprehend. Hence, I usually only talk homework during breaks or stay quiet to absorb and rest before the next lecture. Therefore, I am labelled as a ‘quiet one’ by my acquaintances. Even my friends thinks that I am quiet. In fact, only my family and my closest friends as well as my mentor knew me to be a very talkative person.

Often, people are startled at my seeming transformation when in the company of family and good friends. I offer a very simple explanation: there is no stress to be perfect with those most attuned to you. Hence, I have no need to keep quiet as I expect them to protest when they have had enough of my prattling on.

I have find that I have a tendency to go on and on and on about topics that interested me as long as no one interrupts. Therefore, I usually dominates the conversation in my family although I fade into the background when around friends and acquaintance. The topics I love are things like history, quirky facts, odd sayings, origins of sayings, religion (no, I am not an extremist in any context), and world news.

As my mentor once told me, I look quiet enough that even teachers think me to be a most obedient student. But then, if one gets through the camouflage, he then finds a girl who can talk the hind legs of the donkey.