An update on an earlier post. I went to watch the movie with my friends earlier tonight. As promised by the trailer, it is a hilarious watch although I can do without the old-fashioned romance. Watching Nick Walker doing something illegal in an attempt to make his wife happy and then killed for his change of heart is a warning to all those who try to justify an illegal act as an act to make a loved one happy. As for Roy-something Something ( a real complicated name, by the way), he sure is a wily old fox who seems slightly demented.

I laughed most of the time. I think that it is hilarious although my friends insisted that it is because of me. I especially like Grandfather Chen and when Nick saw his appearance. As for Roy, the gruff old cowboy in a hot woman’s skin? Boy oh boy!

Generally, a good plot, but slightly unrealistic. Anyone realized that of all those RIPD officers who followed Nick and Roy out after Hayes got out of the RIPD office are all dead? It is said that the officers are once the best of law enforcement. Hence, the startling feebleness is a bit unfathomable.

One thing I don’t like is the romance between Nick and his wife what-is-her-name. It seems a bit too cliche and slightly old fashioned. Or maybe because I just don’t believe in pure love.

Anyway, that is done and over. Good night everybody.