Suffice to say that I will not pass as a lady in the olden days. I have little patience with the piano I learned when I was younger. Never had I been interested in needle work before last week. I am interested in books most of all, writing a close second, and drawing third. In short, I am not in the least interested in ‘ladylike’ activities.

However, Fate often hides around the corner, snickering at us. As stated above, I absolutely held no love for needle work. A month before, our family and I moved into our new home. My sister and I both got new cushioned roller chairs. My mother is most anxious to protect the cushion, and so insisted in a blanket over the cushion. Now, I am not disagreeing with my mother over the need to protect the chairs, but blankets are darn hard to tie onto the chair and they keep slipping off! Not to mention, these blankets are somewhat longer than the chair is tall. Hence, the edges kept getting caught in the wheels. Finally, frustrated with yet another attempt to fold the blanket into a shape that will suit both me and the chair, I threw up my arms and declared that I am making a chair cushion cover.

I think none was more surprised than I am at my declaration. As anyone who is even remotely acquainted with my family knew, my sister is the artistic one while I am logical to a fault. Handicraft are things my sister would be interested in; while I am, to a certain degree fascinated, I prefer my books and letters. Hence, I started work on the cushion cover with certain suspicions that I am going to give up half way. Did I?

Well, I almost did give up several times. But, you see, making something for someone is a good motivation. The first project of my surprising interest is to be my sister’s cushion cover. Therefore, I fought down the urge and finally did finish the cushion cover, which actually resembles a cushion more. However, I think that it is quite a decent specimen for a first attempt. So there you go.

My next project is a bag for my sewing materials and then a cushion cover for myself. Maybe next time I shall have some photos.