Such a simple word, yet so much more meaningful for its simpleness. It is common to say someone is your “friend” as in “I know him, yes”. These, however, are acquaintances.

I am not looking into dictionaries for the distinction for the word “friends”. But, to me, friends are people who you can rely on in good and bad situations as well as relax together during your spare time. A person who you can rely on but never relax around is at best an efficient co-worker or team-mate. A person who you can enjoy life with but never rely on, is a bad influence and should not even be an acquaintance.

Having said so, I examine my repertoire of “friends”. Shockingly, I find that I have less than ten genuine friends. The rest are merely “acquaintances”. Although my Facebook account proclaims that I have 127 friends, more than half of them are mere acquaintances, a handful are true friends while the rest I never even spoke to in my life. It is a mislabeling of the highest order.