I remember talking about dreading to go home a few posts earlier. And now, I want to explore the meaning of the word “dread”.

First off, I need to say this: whenever I want to discuss the meaning of any words, I do not mean I am going to find a dictionary and look up its meaning and distinction. I mean that I am going to talk about what the word feels to me. Idiotic, maybe, but that is what I like to do: dissect each word to my satisfaction.

So, what about “dread”? To me, dread is a dark, heavy coil of fear and distrust settling in your belly. Darker than your darkest fear, it is tinged with distrust of your safety, physical or mental. It makes you reluctant to approach the object of your dread, even if you know that you are safe from physical harm.

To dread something is to be reluctant due to fear and mistrust. More potent than mere fear, it paralyses your thoughts and actions, till that you are as though in a dream, bogged down by numbness.