I have a strong urge to bang my parents over their heads due to their silly bickering! I mean, they are acting like they always told us not to act!

See, the thing is, there is no love lost between them yet they remain married. Any love they had for each other are likely lost in the long years of marriage and family life. My mother does not want to ask for a divorce as she doesn’t want to upheaval our lives. My father, well, I think he just do not want to go to the trouble.

Before last year, everything is actually okay. My father got a job as a hostel warden and was thus often not in the house. My sister and I do not mind. Neither do my mother. However, since his stroke, he has been staying with us again as he lost his job. The clashes became frequent and I am now relegated to the posts of mediator and messenger. They simply cannot talk to each other without snide comments or ill-timed expressions of contempt or anger. Which make my job even more difficult.

Ooh… The thought of them makes my blood boil. They are acting like a couple of BRATS! I do not want to be seen as taking sides and is thus trying to pacify both of them. But to my dismay, they both are as obstinate as mules and as dumb too! My mother maintained that my father is childish to lose his temper over something small while my father insists that everyone has a temper and why should my mother be allowed to lose her temper but not he? I nearly lose my own temper when they told me their respective opinions and tried to get me to agree to them.

I wonder what would they say if I sat them both down and gave them to a talking to? Nothing good or nice, I suppose. So, I am ending my rant here. If anyone who reads this have any idea on how to deal with bratty parents, please tell me. Thank you.