One would think that being on a holiday would means lazy days, with nothing to do, so bored that one would be grateful for whatever distractions but it is not so with my holiday this time. As mentioned before, I am going to move in two weeks time (hopefully). There are many things to do, as were mentioned before also. Therein lies the problem. I find myself caught up with all sorts of cleaning and buying and appointments for installations of furniture and whatnot.

To further aggravate the matters, I am also tasked with fetching my little sister from college, which ends around 1pm. It cuts my time into two and there is often delay as I need to stop earlier, go to the station to fetch her and finally have lunch before I can go back to work. All in, around 2 hours break.

I have been so busy with the cleaning that I quite forgot to take pictures. Sorry, Louella, I was distracted when I went over to the house earlier. No pictures yet, but I will try to get them as soon as possible.

I will be very happy by the time we are moved and settled. I have quite enough of the excitement to last me for several decades.