I am not sure whether I had mentioned it before, but my family have bought a new house. We are going to move by the end of this month, so there are much to prepare.

The new ‘house’ is actually a townhouse. On the fourth and uppermost floor of that particular site, the view is quite nice from the balcony. Not astounding, no not with the price we get for the house, but nicer than from our old house. There are also less noise and cars around that area as it is primarily a housing estate. Excellent! Especially as the old house had been broken into five time in two years.

The new house have better security as there are significantly less entry points. However, the new house is also quite a bit smaller and so we find ourselves sifting through our respective belongings to decide which to discard and which to keep.

I have some trouble with the books. My collection, though not valuable to others, bear sentimental value. Some of the books I owned from when I started learning the letters. Of course, most of my storybooks are from secondhand stores and are thus in quite a disreputable state. After considerable hemming and hawing, I think I finally had discarded enough to fit the rest in my new room.

Oh, and for the first time ever, I am going to have my own room. Not one shared with my sister, which will be easier on both of us. I like to stay up late, but she needs all the sleep she got.

Maybe I will put up some photos of my new house soon? We will see.