Should be read in tandem with OM’s post below. One instance of why jumping to conclusions are discouraged

Miss Lou Acquiring Lore

Bubbles n Tweets

My bath bloggin effort.

Tweeting in the Tub

I thought toilet tweets were weird enough.

Take #FM4 (Family Member 4).

I know something is going down on the ‘Throne’ [No pun intended] when I hear the voice of Tyrion Lannister echoing from the behind the toilet door.

Do any of you watch Game of Thrones on your Ipad while seated on the toilet? How about toilet Tweets?

Mr OM blogs in the bathtub. He said it was relaxing. He also drinks beer in the tub –  while blogging. 

I ordinarily do not drink alcohol. I’m not sure I will give it a try while laying in a deep pool of water, holding a $1200 device in my hands.

Is anyone else in my little circle of friends a Bathtub Blogger?

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