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I am not used to have people comment and liking and following my daily dose of writings. It is very nice and I appreciate it very much that you people had taken the time to (hopefully) read my posts and liked them. It is also a bit daunting, as I now find myself with an unexpected (though not unwelcome) audience. Indeed, I felt a sudden urge to curb my ramblings and couched my speech in a more formal way.

Then I laughed and realize how silly I am. This blog, Rambles’ Ramblings, is started for my comfort and salvation. It is never about others, but only about ME, as selfish as it may sound. Furthermore, people had liked and followed my blog even when my style is rambling and as informal as you get. Therefore, there is certainly no reason for me to give up my pleasure in writing as I like!

Secondly, I am as anonymous as I can be in this virtual world, providing my private information isn’t being gathered by the Prism. I don’t know you and you cannot say anything to me in real life even if we are neighbours because you simply do not know who I am, as I do not know who you are! No censure is needed from me. I can go on and on and know for a fact that there is none who can laugh at me to my face and humiliate me.

So there. You have it, my second ramblings, dear friends. Don’t think too badly of me. After all, we are all humans imperfect.